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Snoring partner ? It is easy to get snoring help!


Can’t fall asleep because of snoring, husband?

You know that moment after a long day: You come home, tired from a long day at work, and can’t wait to get into bed and go to sleep. However, the long-awaited and desired sleep encounters that sound. Helplessly, you ask yourself how to sleep better. Does your partner need snoring help?

You are not alone. Many women testify that their partner snores (yes, men snore more than women), and rightly so, it keeps them up, depriving them of their own needed sleep.

Nearly all couples suffer from the snoring of their partner at one time or another. Many feel that they need snoring help. The cause of snoring is airway tissue that produces vibrations following breathing and exhalation. The vibrations produce waves we hear, AKA snoring. By the way, there is an evolutionary explanation that says snoring scares potential attackers while sleeping, but today it is no longer an excuse. You want, and you deserve to sleep better! So before breaking up your relationship or breaking up with the cute guy you just met, we turned to Dr. Micha Gross, a sleep specialist, and asked for tips to help us deal with snoring problems.

How sleep better? -Talk about it

Avoid shame; this is actually the most crucial tip. So true, it is not always pleasant to bring up the issue of snoring but to address the problem, it is essential first to acknowledge it. There is no slight chance that the spouse is not even aware that he is snoring. He would not try to search for snoring help unless he recognizes there is a snoring problem!


Identify the snoring problem as the first step for snoring help.

First, you should go to a sleep laboratory for a diagnosis or go for an examination by an ENT doctor to understand what the problem is. Once the cause of snoring is clear – it will also be easier to treat the snoring problem. In some cases, the treatment will be simple and will even make the snoring disappear. For example, being overweight can be a factor that strengthens the snoring, and weight loss in many cases reduces the snoring. You will be surprised to see that the answer to sleeping better for you and your spouse is related to losing weight!  In other cases, snoring surgery will be the solution, and in more severe cases snoring may be related to sleep apnea syndrome that requires treatment accordingly. HUH?

Snoring Partner - Change Sleep Position
Snoring Partner – Change Sleep Position

Change your sleep position.

Our sleeping position is a factor that affects the amount of our snoring. Sleeping on the back usually is the cause of increased snoring. Changing the sleeping position can significantly reduce the amount and intensity of snoring and even eliminate them. Try to encourage your spouse to fall asleep on their side. This is the recommended sleeping position to avoid snoring.

We can control which position we fall asleep in but not where we sleep during the night. So in case you wake up in the middle of the night from snoring, and you find that your partner is lying on his back, you can gently turn him on his side and thus stop the snoring.

Over the years, quite a few devices and accessories have been developed that effectively reduce snoring in sleep. For example, a dental device that affects the closing of the mouth while sleeping. Here, a removable dental device that works against snoring; wears on the teeth just like a brace for tooth straightening. HUH? The device leaves the air passages open, which contributes to good sleep without snoring. Dental devices can be obtained from a dentist with expertise in the subject. Today technology is so advanced that there are even unique sleeping systems that treat the problem and detect and change the old position if it snores.

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If we ignore it, the problem will not disappear.

It is essential not to neglect the issue. Snoring is an unpleasant thing for either party. However, if snoring becomes part of the routine, it is necessary to check it and treat it. It is about his health and your peace of mind. More than that, neglect can worsen the situation on the medical level and the level of your relationship.

In conclusion

The problem of spouses’ snoring is familiar to many women around the world. You are not alone. Do not be embarrassed to raise the issue to your spouse gently and sensitively. The good news is that you can treat snoring for better and healthier sleep for you and your partner.

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