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Snoring Can Damage Your Relationship – Get a Snoring help!


Nowadays, you will often see people around you playing around making jokes about snoring and relationships. But the actual effects of snoring on relationships is no joke. According to a report by Cure My Sleep Apnea, the third biggest reason for divorce in the US happens because of snoring. Third, after financial instability and adultery. It’s not just limited to the US. Snoring is becoming one of the legitimate reasons for divorce in many parts of the world, including the UK. That calls for an effective solution to help prevent snoring. Thankfully, there are many ways you can avoid snoring, including various types of snoring surgery.

This article will show you some of the damaging effects of snoring on relationships and the solutions to snoring you must consider to prevent it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Save your marriage - get a Snoring help
Save your marriage – get a Snoring help

Damaging Effects Of Snoring On Relationship

In this section, we will show you how snoring can be damaging to your marriage life…

Deep Resentments calling for snoring help

Studies have found that the non-snoring partners lose at least one hour of daily sleep because of the snoring of their partners. Dr. John Shepard of MCSDC has experimented with studying the sleep efficiency of married couples. First, he checked couples where at least one partner snores frequently. The parameter of this test is the ratio of the time the partner sleeps and the total time the same person stays on the bed.

And the results are astonishing.

The study found that if the snores of a heavy-snorer are somehow reduced, then the non-snorer partner’s sleep efficiency goes up from 74% to 87% on average. And this reflects just how much the couples’ sleep quality suffered just because of the snoring.

When the sleep quality goes down, problems such as tiredness, depression, lack of concentration, and burnout slowly surface.

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And this might become the source of the growth of deep resentment towards each other. For example, the non-snoring partner’s cause of resentment might be rooted in the lack of sleep. While on the other hand, the other partner’s resentment might grow from the constant bashing they have to hear because of the snoring habit.

You must find a solution to snoring
It would be best if you found a solution to snoring.

Different Rooms And Separate Lives- Is that a solution to snoring?

When couples don’t try hard to find solutions to snoring, they often end up sleeping in different rooms. The New York Times magazine has called this behavior sleep divorce.  According to a survey from the Better Sleep Council, almost 25% of its tested couples prefer to sleep in different bedrooms. They prefer a good night’s sleep instead of trying to find help to stop snoring.

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Moreover, almost 46% of the tested people expressed the desire to sleep in a separate bedroom than their spouse. They want to avoid sleep problems.

According to relationship psychiatrist Mary Jo Rapini, the disturbing sleeping habits of one partner may result in a hike of stress hormone cortisol production in the other partner, which often negatively affects your marriage life. If that continues for a long time, it might end up creating a permanent and irreversible mental distance between the two spouses.

Snoring Damages Relationship
Snoring Damages Relationship


Rush University Medical Center conducted a study on married couples. The study evaluates their sleep quality, the quality of their daily life, and the level of marital satisfaction among the wives whose husbands snore heavily while they sleep.

The result: couples who have sleep issues related to snoring end up arguing more with each other. They also face more issues related to disagreement than the couples without snoring problems.

According to Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, these sleep-related issues result in developing a certain level of hostility among the couples. This hostility may put a strain on their marriage life.

The test participants reported that they suddenly wake up multiple times at night dropping their sleep efficiency to as low as 73%, even with earplugs.

The studies suggest that sleep issues and the development of relationship troubles come simultaneously. A dropped sleep efficiency because of snoring might result in immediate conflicts between the couples. This, without a doubt, can negatively impact your relationship. And that’s why you need to find a solution to snoring problems.

Solutions To Snoring You Must Consider

Disruption in sleep because of snoring of the other partner might result in the development of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This is a pretty common yet serious condition. It might result in obstruction in breathing multiple times during sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA may result in the development of multiple health issues. Including high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetes.

Those who eventually develop sleep apnea need to look for professional medical treatment. Here is a short description of treatment options for OSA and a few ways you can stop snoring-related problems using a solution to snoring.

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OSA Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can choose from multiple treatment options to solve the problem. One of the most common treatments for sleep apnea is CPAP therapy. In this treatment, you sleep wearing a facial mask. The mask supplies you oxygen through a tube that keeps your airways open all night. While it might be the most effective traditional treatment option, many patients ultimately stop receiving CPAP therapy because it’s too loud, uncomfortable, and even bulky for them.

Many people prefer a custom-made mouthpiece while sleeping. This makes the jaw positioning a bit more forward, which prevents the airway from completely closing. It has proven itself to be an effective solution to snoring as well as OSA.

Many people also prefer to go through the pillar procedure, a minor snoring surgery that treats snoring and less severe OSA. This snoring surgery implants a small plastic rod inside the upper palate of your mouth that helps you prevent snoring effectively. If you suffer from severe snoring, you should consult your doctor about snoring surgery.

With this many available solutions to snoring, don’t let it disrupt your beautiful relationship. Instead, contact your nearest doctor today to get help snoring problems fade away.



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