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Snoring Causes – Why do we Snore and How to Stop Snoring Immediately


Have you ever faced embarrassment because of your snoring habit? Well, it can undoubtedly be quite embarrassing, especially when even the closest people dread sleeping anywhere near you! This leads to us searching for snoring treatment. Quite sure you have even come across the numerous ads of various ‘devices’ that claim to be the perfect solution to snoring. Some eliminating the root snoring causes. That might make you think that it’s a fairly modern age issue, but, in reality, it isn’t. The recorded history of snoring can be traced back to ancient Egypt, about 3500 years ago!

History Of Snoring

Welcome to the Schnarchen Museum in Germany. A  place dedicated entirely to researching the history of snoring and the quest to find a cure. If you take suggestions from the ancient Egyptians, they will prescribe you thyme to manage the snoring problem. Venture into more recent times, into the 1900s, and you will find a whole array of devices ranging. From a leather “anti-snoring mask” for the mouth to remain closed to a device to hold the tongue in place and not letting it go back. That mask looks more like a scary torture device than something with medical use, especially as snoring treatment. But, worry not, today we have a much better solution to snoring. However, before we move on, let’s see what the researchers have found while searching for snoring causes.

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Why Do I Snore – Snoring Causes

Often, we are unsure as to what is the reason behind our snoring. Therefore, while searching for a solution to snoring, it is imperative that we first learn the actual cause behind it. As per leading clinics specializing in snoring treatment, there are numerous causes behind snoring. These causes range from the anatomy of the sinus and mouth, cold, allergies, alcohol consumption, and body weight.

As you well know, there are various stages of sleep. First, we move from a light sleep state to a deep sleep stage. During the later stage, the muscles within the tongue, throat, and soft palate (the roof of the mouth) all relax. This can lead to the throat tissues relaxing enough to cause a partial block within the airway. Thus, when you breathe, this results in vibration, and that’s what the snoring sound is. As you go deeper into sleep and the tissues relax further, the airway is blocked further, forcing the air to flow through a really narrow space, and thus resulting in heavy vibration. This increases the snoring sound further.

As already stated, multiple conditions can cause this effect. So let’s understand the snoring causes in a better way.

  • Anatomy of the Mouth –Your mouth’s internal anatomy plays a critical role when it comes to snoring. Those with a low and thick, soft palate are more prone to snoring. The reason is that this can easily narrow the airway. Snoring is common among obese people since they tend to have extra tissues at the back of the throats, resulting in a narrowed airway. You also must have noticed a soft triangular tissue hanging from the soft palate. Elongation of this tissue creates an airflow obstruction and thus creates vibration.
  • Sleeping Position – If you have a snoring problem, it is best to sleep on your side. People sleeping on their back have a higher chance of snoring since gravity narrows the throat airway.
  • Sleep Deprivation – When you are not sleeping enough, your throat can easily get too relaxed. Thus, it will cause further snoring problems.
  • Consumption of Alcohol – If you have a habit of having too much alcohol before sleeping, you need to check that. Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles and thus prevents your natural defense mechanism against airway obstruction from working correctly.
  • Nasal Cavity Problems – People with the deviated nasal septum, the formation of a crooked partition between the nostrils, or chronic nasal cavity congestion, are reasons behind snoring.Click Here CLICK TO GET
  • Overweight – Overweight people suffer from it in adipose tissue volume throughout the body and the neck. As the neck thickens, the airway produces, and during the night, snoring appears. This gets worse when a person is lying down, and the excess fat puts even more pressure on the airway and causes it to become blocked.

 Stop Snoring Immediately – Solution to snoring

We all want to know about a quick and effective solution to snoring. Well, there are definite solutions available, but not everything can be quick and easy. So let’s first take a look at the immediate solutions you can try without visiting any specialist.

  • Get Dental Mouthpieces – Dental mouthpieces are small devices that keep your airway open and thus prevent one of the primary reasons behind snoring.
  • Nasal Strips Work –If your nasal passage has any form of blockage, then the nasal strip can be an excellent option to get rid of your snoring habit immediately. The nasal strips are placed on the nose bridge and keep the nasal passage from getting too narrow.

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Use A CPAP Machine –A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine will blow pressurized air into a mask you wear while sleeping. The air pressure prevents the airway from getting too narrow. The bedside machine has been quite popular in recent years because of its ease of use and effectiveness in snoring treatment.

  • Quit Alcohol, Smoking, and Sedatives –Any form of sedative medication, including sleeping pills, alcohol, and smoking, can lead to an aggravated snoring issue. Avoiding these all together is the best way to ensure that you get better sleep without robbing other of their sleep!
  • Change Your Sleeping Habit and Posture –Sleeping on your sides can immediately stop your snoring problem. Moreover, you can elevate the head by about four inches while sleeping from the rest of your body. This will prevent your airway from getting blocked.
  • Lose weight – The safest and healthiest way to get rid of snoring. Already at a drop of 10 pounds, you will see a significant improvement.

Do Not Ignore Snoring As Mild Issue

Now that you know about some immediate solutions to your snoring problem, you should consult a specialist regarding your snoring problem. While the reason might not be anything alarming, snoring can also result from some serious underlying problem that you might have to get treated. Moreover, numerous medical procedures are available to solve your snoring issue entirely without having to always sleep with the fear of humiliation when you spend the night at your friend or relative’s place. And, your partner might not say it out loud, but your snoring is keeping your loved ones awake as well!


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