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How to sleep better during pregnancy to avoid fatigue



According to the National Sleep Foundation survey trusted Source, 78% of women find it stressful sleeping during pregnancy. To make matters worse, 15% of women experience restless leg syndrome during the third trimester. Snoring during pregnancy is common as well.

Often, women report instances of fatigue during pregnancy. Some have insomnia. The first and third trimesters are notorious for this. Further, the increased production of progesterone and carrying the baby(extra weight) intensifies fatigue. As a result, it deprives sleep and even makes it worse.

However, learning how to sleep better can help you during pregnancy. We hope that this article will help you learn the best sleeping position while pregnant.

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The best sleeping position during pregnancy

Most experts recommend the left side as the best sleeping position while pregnant. However, it’s also okay to sleep on your right side. It’s important to note that it’s impossible to lie on your stomach after the first trimester.

Experts also say that it’s not healthy to lie flat on your back throughout the night. But there’s no problem finding yourself in that position when you wake up, especially if you rolled over.

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Various sleeping positions while pregnant

Lying on your stomach

Some women prefer lying on their stomachs during pregnancy. It’s excellent as long as you’re comfortable. But you may switch positions if your baby bump keeps growing and makes it impossible.

Lying on the stomach during pregnancy?
Lying on the stomach during pregnancy?
Lying flat on your back

Experts warn pregnant women to avoid lying flat on their backs, especially during the second and third trimesters. The reason for this is the weight of the baby will rest on your back, intestines, and vena cava. Exerting all this pressure on your back may cause hemorrhoids, backaches, and digestion problems. Besides, it interferes with blood circulation and causes hypotension, resulting in dizziness.

Some women keep rolling over during the night to find the perfect sleeping position. So it shouldn’t be worrying if you find yourself lying flat on your back when you wake up.

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Left or right side position

The left or right side is the perfect sleeping position during the second and third trimesters. However, most experts say the left side is the most ideal for you and the fetus. The reason is it necessitates efficient flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta. Also, it boosts kidney function, meaning maximum elimination of waste.

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In each sleep position, you should use a pillow that suits it the best.


Remember that feeling uncomfortable for a few days or weeks when sleeping is okay. With time you’ll learn how to sleep better during the entire pregnancy period. The expert advice is given above will help you find a better sleeping position to avoid fatigue and other issues.


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