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How can I not go back to bed after waking up? After I wake up, it’s more or less impossible to get out of bed unless I absolutely have to. I can’t stop sleeping in. Does anyone have any advice?

can't wake up

I have great advice for you!

First of all, you should understand something about sleep circles; Our sleep consists of 90-minute sleep cycles. During the above cycles, amazing things happen that you can read about in the attached article.

If you wake up at the end of the sleep cycle, you will wake up refreshed and have no problem getting out of bed. However, if you wake up in the middle of the cycle, you feel tired and go back to sleep.

I recommend you sleep exactly 7.5 hours or 9 hours and then get up fresh. Then, add to the sleeping hours the time it takes you to fall asleep (in the average person, it is 14 minutes), and according to this, you will calculate your sleeping time.

I highly recommend reading the entire short article explaining sleep cycles:

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