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I sleep for two hours in a day. Am I normal?


In 1997, a study was conducted in five countries: Japan, Israel, the United States, Germany, and England, to examine sleep patterns between the ages of 75 and 20. The study results found that every human being is born with one of three patterns: short sleep, medium or long sleep, with the significant difference being between short and long. Most of the population is somewhere in the middle. Furthermore, the study was conducted in several countries, indicating that the conclusions do not depend on culture, environment, and place, but rather those patterns with which we are genetically born.

You may belong to 10% of the population defined as “short of sleep,” and this is completely normal.

There are several characteristics of a “short sleeper”:

  • “Short sleeper” is characterized by rapid falling asleep. He has very high quality and good sleep, and also fast getting up, jumping from bed.
  • “Short sleeper” is a typical day.
  • Short-term sleepers are more assertive and extroverted, less introverted.

Are these qualities characterize you?

Anyway, two hours of sleep sounds excessive to me, even for a short sleeper, and I recommend consulting a doctor.

If you are worried that you are suffering from insomnia, I am enclosing an article to help you overcome the phenomenon.

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