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Why can’t I sleep when people in the house are still awake?

people talking and i can't sleep

Throughout the night, we go through several sleep cycles (usually 4-5). The first stage in our first sleep cycle every night is the falling asleep stage.

As soon as we put our heads on the pillow and try to fall asleep, the relaxation phase occurs.

We have brain waves whose speed and rhythm indicate the state of alertness of the brain. These waves are called EEG waves and can be measured with a device that connects to the brain.

During wakefulness, The frequency of these brain waves is high, about 30-32 per second.

Once you enter the relaxation phase, the EEG waves become longer and slower at the beginning of the sleep process, and the frequency becomes 10-18 per second.

As the person continues falling asleep, the EEG waves continue to be longer and slower, and the person goes into a deeper sleep.

We need a calm atmosphere to let our brain waves go into sleep mode at this stage of falling asleep. If there are awake people around you, they are probably on the move, maybe even noisy. It does not allow your brain to reach the relaxation it needs to reach the first stage of the sleep cycle.

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