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Will waking up a few times in my sleep every night stunt my growth?

Many factors affect the complex growth setup – genetics, diet, health status, hormonal system, and even air pollution.

The major player responsible for growth during sleep is the growth hormone. It encourages bone elongation and muscle building, nails, hair, and so on. Deep sleep (which usually occurs in the early hours) is the preferred environment for growth hormone (GH).

A study conducted at Emory University in Georgia showed that long and continuous sleep also affects weight gain and body fat composition, significantly linked to height growth.

Another interesting finding that emerged from this study is the difference between boys and girls. The growth bursts were related to the number of hours of sleep in boys. They needed long sleep. On the other hand, the girls needed more “sleep events” to produce growth bursts, but they were not necessarily particularly long.

We must sleep to grow.

If your question stems from a reality where you wake up several times a night, I suggest consulting a medical professional who can check your age, height, how many times you wake up at night, etc., and give you an answer that is just right for you.

In any case, good and continuous sleep is essential for the body and growth.

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