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What happens when you don’t sleep day by day?

Studies show that sleep, which makes up about a third of our lives, has a crucial impact on our quality of life. Therefore, experts state that sleep should be a priority for anyone who desires a healthy life.

Even a single sleepless night can reduce memory sharpness and the ability to concentrate, adversely affect our mood, and more. A Norwegian study by brain research scientists that examined the effect of one night without sleep among 21 young and healthy volunteers identified significant changes in white matter in the brain.

The volunteers remained awake for 23 hours. They were not allowed to consume alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine during the study. The researchers conducted a series of tests to simulate the nerve fibers in the brain (DTI). The researchers found that one sleepless night led to changes in extensive brain areas and included areas such as the brain stem, thalamus, and areas responsible for hearing processes, visual information, and memory processing.

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