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What is White Noise and How it Can Help You Sleep?

Did you know that 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week?

Not getting a good night’s sleep is not a joke! There are more than 90 kinds of sleep-related diseases. In addition, if not taken care of, long-term sleep problems may have a significant adverse effect for all age groups: slower development, difficulties with learning for children, increased spots and wrinkles, hair loss, accelerated aging for adults, and risk of stroke dementia for the elderly.

While popping a pill may sound promising to us sleep-deprived, walking zombies, there is little evidence to show that sleeping pills actually add shut-eye very much to your daily count, not to mention the dangerous side effects that can occur from misuse.

What is White Noise and How it Can Help?

Luckily for those sleep-deprived, science has brought the idea of white noise as early as the 1920s, yet the first white noise machine was built in 1962.

The term “white noise” (named after white light, which is a mixture of all visible wavelengths of light) – the “sh” noise is a signal containing all audible frequencies of vibration and, therefore, can be used as a sleep aid to drowning out annoying environmental noises like crying babies, revving engines, barking dogs and others.

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