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Sleeping Soundly -Three Essentials Oils for peaceful sleep 

A restful night’s sleep should be every person’s God-given right. Unfortunately for so many of us, this is not the case.  Many people find it difficult sleeping soundly. These easy and simple tips can help you achieve that incredible pleasure of a gorgeous night of peaceful sleep.

Essential oils are a simple, easy, and extremely effective sleep aid.  They are 100% natural, have basically no side effects, and have many health benefits. In addition, essential oils can relax the mind and allow us to release tension. So while with sleep meds, you might wake up feeling groggy, with essential oils, you wake up feeling relaxed, rested and energized.  Here are three of my favorite oils for a deep and revitalizing slumber. Sleeping soundly – Within reach.

sleeping soundly
Sleeping Soundly with essential oils

Essential oils for peaceful sleep


Petitgrain is an essential oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree. The Petitgrain oil is known as the oil which treats the three types of insomnia.  Yes, there are three types of insomnia.  

  1. Have difficulty falling asleep, but once you sleep, you sleep deeply.
  2. Fall asleep easily but wake up during the night.
  3. Have difficulty falling asleep, and you also wake up during the night. (Not fun!)

In any case, petitgrain is wonderful for insomnia. However, I have found that alone it is not sufficient for most insomniacs. It works best blended with the deeper base note oils that relax the mind and induce a meditative state. This lids to peaceful sleep


Sandalwood is an oil that is produced from the steam distillation of wood from the sandalwood tree.  Since ancient times, sandalwood has been considered a sacred oil due to its wonderful ability to induce a relaxing, meditative state. We can break up negative thought patterns that might prevent us from falling asleep when we let go.  For those of us stuck in an endless loop, a drop of sandalwood applied to the tip of the nose before bed might be the secret remedy you are looking for. You deserve a peaceful sleep!


Vanilla has the wonderful ability to help us relax and release stress. Almost everyone loves the Vanilla, and it blends well with two other relaxing oils, lavender and patchouli.  This glorious trifecta of relaxing oils creates a harmony of the essence. It soothes the soul and induces a peaceful night’s rest.  

Blended Benefits

Now, here’s the really incredible part of using essential oils.  Essential oils not only work great as a sleep aid. They also help balance the hormones, help the digestive system, cleanse the body of toxins and increase circulation.  And to top it all off, essential oils are excellent for the skin, giving your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. That is why, when I decided to create natural, chemical-free skincare products, I looked toward the healing benefits of essential oils to help achieve the best results.

Sleeping soundly

Navon Naturals is a line of plant-based skincare products with moisturizers that are 100% natural and contain zero chemicals.  The morning serums use essential oils such as rosemary to energize you and get your brain functioning, and the evening moisturizers relax you. All of the Navon Naturals evening serums contain a blended balance of calming, sleep-inducing oils so that you rest well.  Bonus is that when you wake up in the morning after sleeping soundly, your skin reflects the benefits of your self-care.

 Navon Naturals offers a choice of three different evening serums.

Bria Glow Relaxing Evening SerumBria Glow Relaxing Evening Serum - Charellecosmetics

Beneficial for women aged 35+, it has a citrusy smell from the petitgrain combined with the deeper tones of the sandalwood.  This serum helps to balance the hormones and is especially calming.  Balancing the hormones and inducing a relaxing state allows you to unwind from a busy day and frees the mind to enter a peaceful, meditative state. Entering a deep meditative state will enable you to drift off into a deeply relaxing, peaceful sleep.

Golden Glow Relaxing Evening SerumGolden Glow Relaxing Evening Serum - Charellecosmetics

A formula for women aged 50+ who are estrogen-depleted. The smell is a blend of the green-smelling violet and the deeper essence of myrrh. The key element of this moisturizing serum is that it helps increase circulation and minimize the negative effects of menopause. In addition, if you are not getting a restful night’s sleep because of your hormones, this serum can help you get a more peaceful sleep.    

Vitaglow Evening SerumVitaGlow Evening Serum 

Absolutely delightful and is my current favorite.  It is a truly heavenly blend that includes the classic relaxing blend of Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli highlighted by the lighter elements of lemongrass and petitgrain.  Get ready to sleep soundly. This formula knocks me out.  It combines both relaxants and digestive aids. As many of us know, the stomach and mind work together, not always in harmony.  By stimulating and relaxing the digestive system, this serum helps to release all of our thoughts that we tend to stomach throughout the day.  Deep stomach breaths release tension and relax the mind and body. Once our thoughts are relaxed, we can then drift off into a world of pleasant dreams.  


Agarwood is an essential oil that is known as the king of meditation and sleep. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive oil in the world. As such, you can not find it in any of the regular blends. However, it is possible to add agarwood to any blends above or order your personalized serum. Sleeping soundly – It is possible!

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Sima Herzfeld Navon is a naturopath specializing in nutrition and skincare.  Her line of plant-based skincare products, Navon Naturals, revitalizes the skin while providing many other health-related benefits.  

To learn more, visit www.simanavon.com 


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