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How to Block Out Snoring without Earplugs: 6 Quick Tips 

Sleeping near a snorer can be daunting. Sometimes you want some peaceful sleep, but you don’t know how to block out snoring without earplugs. Listening to snoring the whole night can leave you exhausted, yet you still have to face the day ahead plus all its activities.

If your partner snores very loudly, earplugs may not be of much help. It is necessary to look into other options before the snoring throws your body out of whack. 

Keep reading to discover better options.

How Snoring Impacts Your Health

It is not just about sleeping. The quality of sleep is essential too. Getting a good night’s sleep means you are adequately rested. As a result, you have the energy and focus needed to get through your day.

Snoring causes sleep fragmentation, which is repeated sleep breaks occurring throughout sleep. They interfere with your internal body clock, known as the circadian rhythm, which has some functions running in the background.

As a result, your focus dips during your waking hours. You may have trouble with your memory, experience headaches, and of course, fatigue. Many people develop mood swings and become cranky when they haven’t slept well.

If you don’t sleep soundly, you may also have difficulty relaxing your body after a stressful situation. Waking and staying up against your will counts as a stressful situation, but getting yourself to calm down later becomes challenging. You may feel jumpy most of the day.

These effects can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity with time. It affects your overall quality of life.

What Causes Snoring?

You continue breathing effortlessly even in your sleep. If air encounters any trouble passing through the nose and throat, the tissues in this region press against each other as you breathe. What you hear as snoring is the sound of these tissues vibrating against each other.

Some people have sleep apnea, which is a condition where they involuntarily stop breathing in their sleep. It comes with snorting, gasping, or choking noises too. 

A more significant amount of soft tissue will most likely cause more vibration and, therefore, louder snoring. Sleep apnea is closely linked to obesity and weight problems.

When the throat and tongue relax in your sleep, the extra soft tissue around the area may block your airways, causing the noises.

How do you sleep through the racket?  

 How to Block Out Snoring Without Earplugs
How to Block Out Snoring Without Earplugs

How to Block Out Snoring Without Earplugs in 6 Easy Ways

There’s a way out. You can still have a great night! 

1. Redirect Your Focus

Difficult? Yes. Doable? Definitely. Your mind is mighty. You’ll be surprised at what it can achieve, and you can train it to do what you need it to. You can diminish the sound of your partner’s snoring.

If, at first, you need help, consider meditation or listening to soothing music or a podcast. If you need someone to do it with you, you could try a guided meditation. 

Listening to someone encouraging you to calm down during a stressful situation often helps. 

2. Go to Bed First

If you can, go to bed first. Get in there and knock off a few hours before your partner starts the nighttime party bus. When your partner starts snoring, you will at least have some restful hours in the bag. 

It may not work every time and could interfere with cuddle time, but it’s worth a shot. 

3. White Noise

You can also use white noise to block out snoring. It may be noise, but it is the good kind. 

White noise will lull you to sleep without too much trouble. Please put it on your side of the bed so it’s close enough for you to enjoy it without disrupting your partner’s sleep.

Some prefer to listen to these sounds by themselves, so they play them through sleep earbuds. If you don’t mind sleeping with earbuds in your ears, this could work too.

You can choose the sound you prefer, whether waves crashing in the ocean, a rainstorm with thunder, a waterfall, or even the abstract sounds of a terrestrial escapade.

A white noise machine comes in handy in such instances. However, if you don’t want the trouble of purchasing one, you can download a white noise app on your phone and let it play. You can also find audio or video content online.  

4. Have Your Partner Change Sleeping Position

Does your partner mostly snore when sleeping on their back? This position could be the reason they snore. Sleeping on your back increases the possibility of snoring and aggravates the snoring.

Try changing your partner’s position, and you might hear a difference. Partners are known to jab each other on the side when snoring so they can turn and stop snoring. Maybe that is all you need too.

Doing it every night can be tiresome because it means you’re already up from the snoring. These options could help:

Tennis ball 

When your partner is already asleep, you can try putting a tennis ball behind their back. It will make it uncomfortable for them to roll over and lie on their back. Hopefully, they won’t wake up to remove it.

Head-positioning pillow

This pillow is meant to keep the user’s neck in a comfortable position that doesn’t let them snore. Remember, snoring is about blocked airways.

Snore-reducing trainer

This is a weighted belt that you sleep in. It is padded, so it’s comfortable to sleep in. It makes sleeping on your back difficult, leaving you with the option to roll over.

5. Tell Your Partner to Get Checked

Is your partner snoring terribly? They might need a proper assessment to ascertain the root cause. 

Try explaining your concerns with love. Many don’t see snoring as a possible sign of an underlying health issue, but it could be. Offer to go with them for reassurance.

If there is a medical problem, the doctor can offer valuable solutions.

6. Keep the Room Air Moist

Upper respiratory illnesses and allergies are among the leading causes of snoring. Using a warm or cool humidifier in the bedroom can help moisturize the air, reduce nasal congestion and enhance drainage.

The Final Word on How to Block Out Snoring Without Earplugs

Snoring is disruptive and is detrimental to the quality of life of both the snorer and their partner. Dealing with it is necessary to achieve proper rest.

Several options are available to work around it, and if one method doesn’t work, you could try combining different techniques. Good sleep is a necessity for proper human function. Sleeping soundly doesn’t have to be the preserve of babies and kittens.

Now that you know how to block out snoring without earplugs, go ye and sleep! Your body will thank you.


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