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How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them (6 Quick Tricks)

The fact that you want to know how to stop someone from snoring without waking them means you would like to sleep soundly and also help the person sleep well.

Not to worry, as this guide is for you. We’ve shared some practical tips that could help you get rid of a loved one’s snoring for good.

But first:

Why Do People Snore? Causes and Remedies

Almost everyone snores from time to time, and it’s not usually much of an issue. Snoring happens whenever air can’t flow freely through your nasal airways during sleep.

Age can also be the cause of snoring issues. As you age, the throat gets narrower. The muscle tone in the throat decreases, too, resulting in snoring.

So, since you can’t control age, change your lifestyle, bedtime routines, and perform throat exercises to minimize or prevent snoring.

Another cause of snoring is excessive weight. Poor muscle tone and fatty tissue clog nasal airways causing nasal congestion that leads to snoring. Most times, cutting weight is what ends the snoring.

Intake of alcohol and smoke from tobacco contribute to snoring. If possible, stop using these commodities.

Also, tranquilizers such as diazepam and lorazepam can increase muscles’ relaxation, resulting in snoring.

Poor sleep posture can also lead to snoring. Supine posture – sleeping on the back – is the main culprit, making the whole throat muscles relax; it blocks the smooth airflow in the nasal passage.

Sleeping on the side reduces snoring as it allows free circulation of blood throughout the nose and throat area.

no more sleepless nights! - How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them
No more sleepless nights! – How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them in 6 Easy Ways

Here are six quick tricks to try:

1. Switch on the Humidifier

Snoring occurs when airflow along the nasal passage is obstructed by clogging or narrowing of the passage.

One cause of snoring is the lack of enough moisture in the air because it blocks the nasal airways. Run a humidifier if you want to stop someone from snoring without waking them.

A humidifier maintains humidity levels in the air and helps open clogged nasal passages, thus making breathing easy and reducing snoring.

Running a humidifier is an effective method to help stop someone from snoring, especially if the cause of their habit is nasal congestion.  

2. Encourage Them to Go to Bed Early

Like alcohol, sleepiness may relax your tongue and throat muscles and set the stage for snoring. That’s why it’s best to aim for seven or more hours of sleep each night to minimize snoring. If you’d like to know how to stop snoring naturally, start by avoiding allergens.

3. Prop the Bed

For quick snoring relief, help the person sleep on an incline. Raising the bed’s head by approximately four inches may help stop snoring. 

How? It prevents the tongue from blocking the throat and opening up the airway.

If you have an adjustable bed, this should be easy. A less expensive option is the use of a wedge pillow.

4. Use a Nasal Spray

One clever method to stop your partner from snoring without waking them is using nasal sprays.

Nasal sprays ease nasal congestion and allow swift air movement in and out, thus preventing snoring.

It is simple, spray a bit of the medication around the nose of your sleeping partner to open up their nasal passage.

Some nasal sprays require you to insert the tip inside the user’s nose, so when using that, be careful not to wake your partner up.

5. Keep Allergens at Bay

When your partner inhales elements that they’re allergic to, it will irritate the lining in the nose membrane and cause throat inflammation. 

Inflammation disrupts smooth airflow in the nasal airways and results in snoring, affecting sleep quality. 

To prevent this from happening, wash your beddings regularly, clean your room thoroughly, dust the ceiling fan, advise your partner to take shots for their allergies, or to seek special medical attention. 

6. Adjust Their Sleeping Position

This method is straightforward for stopping someone from snoring without waking them.

It simply involves correcting the snorer’s sleeping position to prevent further obstruction of breathing during sleep.

Sleeping on the back, for instance, is highly discouraged. It makes the soft palate and the base of the tongue collapse back to the throat wall, causing snoring.

Making your partner sleep on the side may fix the snoring problem and ensure a night of peaceful sleep.

To make them maintain the required side position throughout the night, get a huge body pillow and place it against their back, ensuring they cannot roll back to the supine posture.

It gets crazy: 

You can also make lying on the back uncomfortable for your partner by slipping a tennis ball underneath their back.

What’s more, use a head-positioning pillow, also known as an anti-snore pillow. Sleeping on it aligns the user’s neck correctly and relaxes the throat muscles around the neck to be less likely to snore.

Does Someone Else’s Snoring Affect You?

Sleeping soundly next to someone who snores is not easy. If anything, it will get you sleep-deprived.

Long-term sleep deprivation has negative impacts on the body and mind. 

Let me explain.

First, you may experience decreased levels of productivity. Because of your partner’s snoring, sleepless nights will leave you deprived of sleep and slower in school or at work.

Regardless of your occupation, you need to rest well so that your body can re-energize and restore its chemical balance for the following day.

Second, sleep-deprived people are at a greater risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

See, sleep affects the processes that keep your blood vessels and the heart-healthy, including those that ensure your blood pressure and blood sugar are at the optimum.

Third, lack of a good night’s sleep may lead to drastic mood changes over a short period.

After a tough day, you can’t wait to get to bed and have a peaceful sleep. When this is interrupted by someone snoring, morning grogginess may make you irritable.

Since snoring is one of the major causes of sleep deprivation, learn to help someone experiencing this problem without interrupting their sleep.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them

Snoring brings about great stories whenever people start narrating their ordeals. But, the truth is, to some people, it is a bother, and it affects the quality of sleep they get.

That is why it’s best to know how to stop someone from snoring without waking them.

Apply these tips today if you desire a great night’s sleep. Good luck!


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