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10 Health Benefits of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Studies show that 35% of American adults sleep for less than seven hours (recommended sleep time) each night. And most of the people who sleep for under seven hours every day end up experiencing health risk factors, such as being physically inactive, obese, and current smokers. But sleeping next to someone you love can make a difference.

Read on to find out the physical, social, emotional, and mental health benefits you get by sharing a bed with your partner.

Benefits of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

1. Fall Asleep Quicker

How long does it take you to fall asleep when you go to bed? Does this time matter?

Well, it does. Northumbria University conducted a study that showed a connection between the time we take to start sleeping and the overall sleep health.

Good sleep health requires that we take 10 to 20 minutes to fall into slumber. However, seven minutes is the average time people take to fall asleep.

When alone in bed, it’s common for the mind to start wandering. Such mental activity can make sleeping difficult. As a result, you might end up sleeping late.

However, sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster because it provides comfort and security.

2. Strengthens a Relationship

Sleeping with someone you care about can strengthen the relationship between the two of you. Research shows that couples who spend nights together experience increased and non disrupted rapid eye movement (REM) compared to those who sleep individually.

The finds are crucial because REM, linked to vivid dreams, is associated with memory consolidation, emotional regulation, creative problem solving, and social interaction. And these are the things that strengthen relationships.

The research also established that partners who sleep together synchronize their sleep patterns, related to relationship depth. In addition, participants who had a more robust synchronization with their partners showed a higher rating of the relationship’s significance to their lives.

3. It Makes You Happier

Do you want to feel happier in life? Sleeping next to your partner can do the magic. Sharing a bed with someone you love each night helps release dopamine (a hormone that gives you a feeling of pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction) and serotonin (also known as the happy chemical) in your body. These two hormones boost your mood and make you happy.

4. Relieves stress

Sleeping can be difficult under stress, mainly if you sleep alone. To relieve stress, consider sharing a bed with someone you care about. When you do this, the body releases the oxytocin hormone that helps restore calm and relieve stress.

Your partner will be there to make you laugh, hug you, help solve a problem, or simply hug you until you sleep. These can lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

It gets better: Now combine sleeping close to someone with a warm shower, aromatic oils, and massage. You’ll wake up stress-free.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Sleeping near someone special in bed can improve the health of those with cardiovascular problems. University of California’s researchers conducted a study on sleep and intimacy among 59 women. They asked the participants to record their cuddles and hugs. In addition, the researchers checked the women’s blood pressure and oxytocin levels regularly.

The findings revealed that those with the highest oxytocin levels had much-reduced blood pressure. So, sleeping close to your partner can help you live longer, as it reduces the risk of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions.

6. Boosts the Immune System

Sharing a bed with a partner often leads to ‘non-sleep activities,’ which are beneficial to your health. A study conducted on the sexual behavior of 16,000 participants showed that people who had sex more than three times a month had a stronger immunity with more competence to deal with pathogens than those who had it for less than three times a month. So, regular sex with your significant other can strengthen your body’s ability to fight diseases.

7. Makes You Look Younger

Studies show that a single night of inadequate sleep may make adult cells age faster. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it can lead to other health complications, like heart diseases, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, among others.

In contrast, when you sleep adequately (at least seven hours), there’s increased blood flow in your skin, during which collagen undergoes rebuilding and damages from UV exposure are repaired. The entire process reduces wrinkles and other age spots.

Don’t let long working hours or staying up too late hinder you from prioritizing sleep. Set aside enough sleep time and consider sharing your bed with your partner so you can sleep better and get a youthful look.

8. You Wake up More Energetic

If your mind wanders when alone in bed, you may not have adequate rest. In the end, you wake up feeling cranky and even sleepy. However, waking up next to the person you truly love makes you happy and energetic because you slept well throughout the night.

Sleeping Next to Someone You Love
Sleeping Next to Someone You Love and wake up more energetic.

9. Improves the Mood

Getting a good night’s rest near your partner lets you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. In addition, when sleeping next to your significant other, you’ll feel a sense of security that enables you to undergo the five stages of sleep hassle-free.

Typically, when someone’s sleep is interrupted. Ultimately, if people keep experiencing sleep deprivation, it might cause depression and other severe health complications.

But by letting your partner offer you security and comfort as you sleep, you’ll be doing each other a great favor. The outcome is waking up in a cheerful mood resulting in fewer comments and setting the mood for the rest of the day for you both.

It gets better: You’ll go to work or run errands with a smile on your face, rather than an irritation. Plus, overall, those around you will feel better.

10. Helps to Provide Perfect Sleeping Conditions

Laying close to a partner helps to set the ideal sleeping conditions.

Let me will explain.

The body temperature may go up or down a little bit during the daytime. But, at night, the temperature drops by one or two degrees compared to daytime. The body also loses heat to help it fall asleep and stay that way.

This temperature drop starts approximately two hours before bedtime, coinciding with melatonin (sleep hormone) release. As you sleep, the body temperature continues to decrease and hits a low point in the morning before slowly warming up to the start of a new day.

Now, a drop in nighttime temperature may be a good thing in summer but quite scary in winter. No one wants to jump into a cold bed alone!

The lucky ones sleep close to their partners, creating perfect sleeping conditions.


Your partner’s warmth will keep you warm; it won’t be cold or too hot. So, the sleeping conditions will be perfect.

Wrapping Up

Sleeping next to someone you love has incredible benefits. The two of you will experience better sleep quality, stronger relationships, improved mood, happiness, reduced blood pressure, anti-aging, and more.

For a good night of sleep, set up a friendly sleeping environment. Specifically, ensure the room’s temperature is comfortable, the bedroom is sufficiently dark, and the mattress and bed are supportive and suitable for nightly needs.


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